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Cancellation, Late Fees, Lost and Damaged Garments:

A) There is a $25 cancellation fee assessed to all orders prepaid and cancelled less than 1 week before the pick-up date. There is a $35 deposit required at booking and is an non-refundable deposit. (this will cover labor cost to assemble the tuxedo) . A cancellation may affect any special pricing unless the person who cancelled is replaced with someone else.

B) The tuxedos are due back by closing time of the first day after the event, unless prior arrangements have been made. A $20 per day charge will be assessed on all late returns. Each person is responsible if there is a fight in the tuxedo or you take a swim in the pool. The tuxedo is ruined and will need to be replaced. A damage waiver is added to each rental. This fee covers all accidental damage if repairable or not.

C) The insurance does not cover lost or stolen items. Items that are damaged beyond waiver insurance specifications will be charged the full retail price for replacement.

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