For out of town guests who will not be able to visit our store locally,
please read over and follow the instructions below for submitting measurements.


  • Print out a blank measurement form below to take with you.
  • Visit a reputable tuxedo shop in your area to get measured.
  • Make sure all measurements are accurately documented.
  • Fill out the form below to submit your measurements online.
  • We will contact you to confirm your pick up and drop off dates.
  • For accuracy, we ask that you get measured at an established tuxedo shop in your area that possibly you can try on for a jacket size. Please don not try to measure yourself.
  • Once completed, return to our website and submit you measurements online.  We will contact you to confirm receipt of your measurements
  • ALL measurements including Height & Weight are required.  Please call us if you have any questions.  707-544-3003