White vs Ivory

When thinking about what to wear to an event such as a wedding, it is crucial that you know what color to wear when the choice is between white or ivory.  Although they are similar, the white is such a stark color that it makes the ivory look dirty or dingy when they are next to each other.  

Why does it matter? 

If you are a groom or going to be photographed next to a bride, make sure you know the color of the wedding dress.  When the dress is WHITE, then you wear white to match.  However, if the wedding dress is IVORY (most dresses are now) or has IVORY details (lace, applique, etc…) with a lining color, steer clear of the white and wear IVORY or a different colored shirt.  

Keep this in mind for coat colors as well.  Many grooms have thought about wearing a white tuxedo for their wedding, but we only recommend a pure white tuxedo when it’s confirmed that it will work with the wedding dress.  

Of course, everyone has their own opinion on it, and some people even like combining the two.  Here at The Tuxedo Gallery, we want our clients to have all the information they need to make the most well-informed decision for their event, especially when it comes to White versus Ivory.

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