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Difference Between A Tux And A Suit

Tuxedos and suits are not interchangeable terms. They are entirely different entities and worn for different occasions. The most straightforward difference between the two is that the pants and jacket of a suit use the same material. Where tuxedos use satin on the lapels, buttons and typically on the pant legs as well.

A tuxedo is worn at very formal events like weddings or other black-tie affairs. (Description of Invitation Attire)  A suit can also be worn at a wedding but are less formal than tuxedos. If the wedding is more casual, a suit is perfect. If the wedding is very formal, then a tuxedo would be the better choice. A lot of people might think there isn’t a lot that goes into a tuxedo set up. Generally, the bride’s dress is the star of the show at weddings, which it should be, but the groom’s tux also deserves some recognition.

At Tuxedo Gallery near Calistoga, our professional stylists will be here to assist you with whatever you need. Our goal is to make each of our clients look and feel their best for their special event. When you need to rent a tux, we are here to help.

Tuxedo Terminology

There are many more pieces that comprise the entire tuxedo than just a jacket, pants, and tie. There are different variations of almost every part that allows you to create hundreds of combinations. And our team of professional stylists at The Tuxedo Gallery will be able to help you with everything since not everyone is an expert on tuxedos.

Tux Lapels

Lapels appear on more formal attire and consist of the folded fabric on the front of the jacket that goes around the neck. There are a few variations of lapels, and each offers a different style and level of formality.

Notch Lapels are the most versatile of the lapel options. They are named such because the fabric forms a notch in the lapel up by the collar area.
Shawl Collars are one of the more exclusive designs, specifically for black tie events. This lapel is smooth and rounded up and around the neck.
Peak Lapels offer a much sharper notch. The edges of the notches peak upwards, giving the appropriate name. These are more formal than the notch lapels.

Renting A Tuxedo in Calistoga

Getting your tuxedo rental from The Tuxedo Gallery has many benefits to it. Since we’ve been in business for more than 45 years, our store can provide things that other stores cannot. We offer the most extensive in-stock, up-to-date selection, same day service (when possible), and the best prices guaranteed! Our trained specialists have combined the latest tuxedo fashions and accessories to create a look just for you! We can advise you about the traditions and customs of any tuxedo or suit for weddings and special occasions. We can also guide you in picking colors that go with your overall theme.

We suggest getting fitted-measured for you tuxedos at least two months before the wedding date. The registration for your event should be 4-6 months ahead of time.  It is not necessary to do a group fitting.  After completing the registration, your party members can come in at their convenience. Generally, the Groom and Bride pick out their tuxedos after the color for bridesmaids has been chosen for their dresses. This allows time for the color scheme to be well-established and helps when choosing a bow tie, or necktie colors. Or any other accent pieces that might have color on them (suspenders, pocket squares, vests, etc.).

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Tuxedo Rules

Does the time of day or wedding location determine which colors to wear? Time of day and location (indoors/outdoors, cool/tropical) can play a factor in selecting your formal wear. Daytime tuxedo and suit choices might be brown, tan, ivory with brown trousers or maybe a white jacket with black trousers. It is alright to wear traditional black tuxedos for a daytime wedding.

For Evening weddings, black, navy, gray or charcoal tuxedos or suits tend to be most popular. Be sure to ask about tuxedos or suits and accessories that work better for hot or chilly temperatures. Most importantly, the color should blend or go with the color palette the women are wearing in the wedding party.

Our team of stylists at The Tuxedo Gallery are here to help you look and feel your very best for your next formal occasion! We have all the knowledge and experience to ensure you look sophisticated and handsome! Our goal is to make sure you and your party look and feel great on your special day. Getting you in a perfectly fitted tuxedo is the best way to do that.


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With all these wonderful places to visit and things to do it can be a little overwhelming. But rest assured when you need a tuxedo or suit rental, The Tuxedo Gallery is just a short drive away. Located in Santa Rosa, Ca we know how many beautiful vineyard weddings take place in Napa Valley. And that is why we supply tuxedos and suits to match every occasion. The groom and his groomsmen should look their finest on that special day. Our stylists at The Tuxedo Gallery are experienced in finding the perfect tux for every type of wedding venue. When you’re in Calistoga and need a reliable tuxedo rental, you know who to call.

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