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Tuxedo Rental St HelenaFrom shoes to cuff-links to socks and pocket squares, there are so many accouterments you can include in your attire. And The Tuxedo Gallery has them all, everything you need to be looking as sharp as can be at your next event.


Pocket squares are an added touch to finish off a look of sophistication, as well as incorporate the color scheme of the wedding into your attire. Even if you aren’t attending a wedding and need a tux for a different special occasion, pocket squares are still a great idea. They make the entire ensemble come together and look handsome and complete.


Our goal is to make you look and feel the very best for your next event. Wedding, prom, gala? Any special event you have coming up we, have the right tux or suit for you! We recommend getting fitted for your tuxedos at least two months before the date of the event. But don’t worry if you don’t because we can do quick orders. Visit us and leave with a complete outfit!

Tuxedo Cuffs And Cuff-links

There are two general styles of cuffs. Barrel cuffs are not meant to be rolled up but instead utilize buttons to close them around the wrist. French cuffs, on the other hand, are intended to be rolled up and also sport cuff-links. But don’t fret over the difference between the two. Our skilled stylists at The Tuxedo Gallery will help you out with everything. Cuff-links allow you to have some extra fun and incorporate your personality into the tuxedo. Although if it is a formal event sticking with plain metallic cuff-links is a safe option. There is also the option for button studs that replace the buttons on your shirt and give off a very formal look, often worn with a bow tie. But if you have both button studs and cuff-links, make sure they are matching in color. You wouldn’t want gold cuff-links with silver button studs. Keep things consistent for a clean look.

Shoes To Go With Your Tux

When it comes to men’s dress shoes, the most common type is patent leather. These are clean and timeless; they will go with just about any formal attire. Offering a subtle shine to compliment the rest of the ensemble. The Blucher Matt shoe provides a little mix of different styles. You get the matte dull shine black, which has taken the place of the cap toe.   It offers an excellent up-to-date style and will look great with most formal attire. Loafers or suede shoes are the most comfortable of the shoes and provide a lovely texture contrast from the rest of the tuxedo. And for extra fun and quirkiness, there is the option for colored suede (red, purple, charcoal, blue, and black.). Whatever strikes your fancy, our specialists at Tuxedo Gallery are here to help you, from socks and shoes up to the bow tie! When you need to rent a tuxedo in St. Helena, we have what you need!

To Vest Or Not To Vest With Your Tux

Designer Tuxedos St HelenaDeciding on what to wear underneath your tuxedo jacket is really up to your personal preference. Some men think that going bare under the jackets and roll with their shirt is an easy out.  Keep in mind that when you take that jacket off, the sweat down the middle of your back will show, and your un-tucked shirt will give off an untidy appearance, especially for pictures. So in most cases, we do not recommend going bare. Full Back Vests have taken the place of cummerbunds. Cummerbunds are used to cover the waist area where the shirt tucks into the pants and work well for special events with themes like James Bond.


The addition of low-cut vests is different from suit vests because they are cut lower, as to allow others to see the tuxedo shirt underneath. Also used in more formal settings. Today many of the Tuxedo and Suit Rentals come with matching vests, as it is a very classic look. When you come to the Tuxedo Gallery, our friendly and informative staff will help you decide on which option is the most comfortable. Whether you choose to go for a colored or matching vest, we are positive you will get many compliments on your stylish look! There’s no need to worry when you visit your formal attire specialists.

Same Day Tuxedo Rentals

We can do quick orders; visit us and leave with a complete outfit. We realize our most valuable asset is you, our customer. Our commitment is to offer you the highest quality product at the best available price and deliver service with a smile of appreciation! The Tuxedo Gallery invites you to compare our quality, service, selection, and price before you decide on your formal-wear needs.

Tux Or Suit Rentals

At Tuxedo Gallery, we offer more than just stylish tuxedos. We have an array of elegant Italian Suits and High Quality blended fabric Suits for every occasion you need. If you are attending the prom and want your tuxedo to look just as lovely as your dates dress, come on in and let us fix you up.

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