For your wedding, who should wear a tuxedo?

Etiquette says the groom and his groomsmen wear tuxedos or nice suits that match the formality of the bride’s dress. When the fathers and grandfathers are part of the ceremony or the pictures, they wear attire that coordinates with the rest of the party. They may wear a neutral colored vest and tie, such as champagne, silver, charcoal, grey, or black which also can go with anything the mothers or grandmothers may be wearing. Ring bearers are always a crowd favorite when wearing a child-size tuxedo or suit.
Ushers will also wear formal attire.

Should everyone in the wedding party wear the same tuxedo or accessories?

Just as the bride stands apart from her bridesmaids, the groom will choose to wear a coat, vest and tie that coordinates with the color of the brides dress. Example may be a more fashion forward coat with a white, ivory or champagne vest and tie while the groomsman’s coat may be a traditional one button, or another color with accessories matching the bridesmaids or the theme accent color of the wedding.

Are there other choices if the wedding is not as formal?

If your wedding style is semi-formal, outdoors, or alternative you may decide to have the men wear suits. Depending on the time of day and setting, there are light grays, navy, tan, or ivory linen suits. For beach weddings, some choose to wear matching taupe or tan slacks with a special wedding shirt. The formality of the men should match that of the bride and the overall nature of the wedding. Tuxedos always make for an attractive wedding party and great wedding photos but there are plenty of other choices to fit the vision of your wedding.‎

Does the time of day or wedding location determine which colors to wear?

Time of day and location (indoors/outdoors, cool/tropical) can play a factor in selecting your formal wear. Daytime tuxedo and suit choices might be brown, tan, ivory with brown trousers or maybe a white jacket with black trousers. It is alright to wear the traditional black tuxedos for a daytime wedding. For Evening weddings, black, navy, gray or charcoal tuxedos or suits tend to be most popular. Be sure to ask about tuxedos or suits and accessories that work better for hot or cool temperatures. Most importantly, when the decision is made, the color should blend or go with the color palette the women are wearing in the wedding party.

Who pays for the tuxedos?

In most cases, each member of the party will pay for their own formal wear. When choosing your outfit for the party keep in mind the costs that each person will pay. Please don’t be afraid to talk to your formal wear specialists about special concerns and issues for your wedding party.

It is very important to us, The Tuxedo Gallery, that each member of your wedding has a good experience and that they enjoy and look great on your special day!