New Ultra Slim Fit

New collection of Ultra Slim Fit Suits available in a range of colors.

The Ultra Slim Fit ensures that the waist of the jacket is fitted and the pants have a contemporary taper to them.

Creating the stylish look you desire!.


Rental or Purchase

Whether you need it for a night or a decade, we can help you get a great price on a fantastic suit in whatever color best meets your desired look

Our Rental Package include:

  • Coat
  • Pants
  • Vest
  • Shirt
  • Tie
  • Pocket Square
    • For Purchases:
      We do measurements and order the suit for you making the experience quick and easy.

Same Day Service

With our on-site inventory, we can fulfill rental orders same day when needed

Ike Behar Suit Collection

Ike Behar Suit Collection

1910 Couture Suit Collection

1910 Couture Suit Collection

Cashmere Wool

Cashmere Wool