The Basics

  • Your wedding party will typically be a combination of friends and family that you want to be part of your special day in a big way.  There is not a general size of a wedding party; so try not to compare yourself to others.

  • When it comes to how they should look, remember that your role is to match your partner and they are to match any bridesmaids/other wedding party members.  This can be as simple as different tie colors, different styles of ties, or completely different outfits.  Really the choice is yours of how much you want to stand out.

  • Be yourself.  If you are not a bow-tie person, then don’t feel obligated to wear one as a groom.  Neckties look just a great as bow-ties with a suit or tuxedo.  

Whatever style you end up with, remember to have a great time!  Below are some ideas of different groom and groomsmen styles.