Tuxedo Traditions

Tuxedo Rental SonomaTraditionally tuxedos were only worn by men at formal events. Younger boys did not wear this kind of attire as it was much too nice for them to get dirty. Around 15-18 is when it was acceptable for them to wear tuxedos because they were now men and not boys. But in today’s society, there are a lot of changes where fashion is concerned. In weddings, you will more often than not see little boys in tuxedos or formal suits, especially if they are participating in the wedding. At The Tuxedo Gallery near Sonoma, we have tux’s and suits for all ages. Our professional stylists are always ready to help you look your best for your next event!

The Tuxedo Gallery located in the city of Santa Rosa has a great selection of tuxedos and men’s formal wear in-house to get you looking great for your big day! We are a great alternative to the big chain stores that just have the basics and are shipped in from Houston Texas. We have inventory on-sight and the most up-to-date styles and colors.

Where To Wear A Tuxedo

Tuxedos are obviously only meant to be worn at formal events. But this does not mean that weddings are the only formal occasion you can wear a tuxedo. If you are going to a ballet or an opera, these are events where wearing a tuxedo is also acceptable. If you are attending a winter or spring formal banquet or private  charity events, you can also wear a tuxedo but be sure to check the invitation (Meaning of Formal Attire)  as it might specify for you. Of course, wearing a tuxedo to prom or homecoming always earns you extra points. Especially as times are changing, less and less people opt for a tux over a suit. But don’t worry our specialists at The Tuxedo Gallery are here to help you get ready for all the special events in your life. Just tell us what you need and we’ll take care of the rest.

Do You Need A Tux?

Should everyone in the wedding party wear the same tuxedo or accessories? Just as the bride stands apart from her bridesmaids, the groom will choose to wear a coat, vest, and tie that coordinates with the color of the brides dress. An example may be a more fashion-forward coat with a white, ivory or champagne vest and tie while the groomsman’s coat may be a traditional one button or another color with accessories matching the bridesmaids or the theme accent color of the wedding.

Tuxedo Bow Ties

Special Occasion TuxedosWhen you are wearing a tuxedo it is common practice and the most formal to wear a bow tie. There are a few classic ways to tie a bow tie. You can learn online by watching videos and be a pro in about an hour. Knowing how to tie your own bow tie also gives you major sophistication points. Just like with women’s dress silhouettes, men’s bow tie styles can lend themselves better to certain face shapes.

The butterfly and semi-butterfly are the most common styles of bow ties. The butterfly is the classic, wide-ended bow with a small single knot in the middle.

The semi-butterfly is less wide at the ends and often shows a double layer behind the first. Very versatile and looks good with most face shapes.

The straight end does not have wide ends and is a good fit for men with thinner faces.

The pointed bow tie has a diamond-like shape at the end and works well for men with angular features and is a great compliment to peak lapels and wing collars.

Don’t worry about trying to figure out which bow tie suits you best. Our stylists at The Tuxedo Gallery are experts in fashion and design so we can confidently find the best match for you.

Renting A Tuxedo in Sonoma

If you are not someone who wears a tuxedo regularly, which most of us aren’t. It might not be a wise idea to buy a tuxedo. They are expensive and you might not use it enough to make it worth the cost. The benefit of buying a tuxedo is that it is precisely measured and suited to fit your body specifically. But as time goes by our bodies tend to fluctuate and then that tux doesn’t fit you anymore. Whereas when you rent a tux you can get one in your size and if in a couple of years if you need a new size, that’s fine, you can rent a different sized tuxedo. If you need a tux for a special event and don’t plan on wearing it regularly, come to The Tuxedo Gallery near Sonoma and get a tux rental today!

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