Tuxedo Measurements for Windsor Grooms & Groomsmen

Tuxedo Rental WindsorThere are many different tuxedo measurements that need to be taken in order to have a tux or suited fitted correctly. Your tuxedo should always be measured precisely for it to perfectly fit your body. It makes a world of difference. From looking like a boy wearing his dad’s suit to looking like a man with the last name of Bond.

The specific measurements you can expect to have are your height and weight, along with your neck collar, sleeve length, pant waist, pant outseam, chest, overarm and chest, coat size and shoe size. Having your measurements taken by a professional is very important. You don’t want to attempt to do this by yourself unless you are very experienced. Once you have all your measurements our consultants at The Tuxedo Gallery near Windsor would be more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect tuxedo rental for you! Our goal is to make you look and feel your very best for a very special event!

Who Wears A Tuxedo?

For your wedding, who should wear a tuxedo? Etiquette says the groom and his groomsmen wear tuxedos or nice suits that match the formality of the bride’s dress. When the fathers and grandfathers are part of the ceremony or the pictures, they wear attire that coordinates with the rest of the party. They may wear a neutral colored vest and tie, such as champagne, silver, charcoal, grey, or black which also can go with anything the mothers or grandmothers may be wearing. Ring bearers are always a crowd favorite when wearing a child-size tuxedo or suit. Ushers will also wear formal attire.

Tuxedo Collars

When it comes to the shirt you are wearing underneath your tux, there are two different styles of collars that offer two different looks. The first style is the wing tip. This type of collar is shorter and the tips stick out more prominently, giving them their named wing appearance. And although the winged collar is not as popular today as it was in the 1900’s it is still used often for very formal events. The counterpart to the winged collar is the turn-down collar. This collar is longer and the tips of the collar are folded and pointed downward. These types of collars have become much more popular in the fashion culture and are accepted in formal and casual settings. Our stylists know the ins and outs of tuxedos and suits, so there is no need to worry. We will have you looking your very best for your event.

Tuxedo Buttons and Pocket Squares

Special Occasion TuxAs a general rule of thumb you should only wear tux jackets that have one or two buttons but no more than two. And if the jacket does have two buttons only button the first button. This provides the most formal look. When you do this it creates a break around the bottom of the rib cage, aiding in the masculine look that a great tuxedo provides. If you leave your jacket unbuttoned the whole time it will give your body a square shape. And buttoning too many buttons will make you look squished and uncomfortable. Stick to the one-button rule and you will be fine. Don’t worry the professionals at The Tuxedo Gallery will help you with everything.

Almost all tuxedos have a pocket on the left upper chest of the jacket. This is for your pocket square. You can omit this and still look fantastic but the addition of a pocket square adds an air of sophistication. The use of a pocket square also opens up the availability of different colors and folds. You can learn the different folds online and have the ability to change up your look with this little detail.

The straight fold is the most formal and the most minimal. Giving the tuxedo the nice clean, sharp look.

The unfinished fold is slightly less formal and implies that the handkerchief is useful, giving functionality to the pocket.

The puff fold is very common and is also used for business suits. It is a popular choice because it is easy to fold and put back.

The one peak fold is another very formal choice, even though it was mainly popular for the Jazz era it is still a great fold.

The four peak fold is definitely not as common as the others and is used to add some flair to your attire.

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